User Friendly, Two Cruise Terminals

The Port of Kobe has two terminals which are exclusively for passenger vessels. One is Naka Pier Cruise Terminal, which was transformed from the former Naka Pier to an international terminal complete with C.I.Q. facilities on January 2006, and the other is Kobe Port Terminal, which features some of the Western Japan’s largest facilities. Both terminals have boarding bridges, used to link vessels to the terminal building that ensure the safety and comfort of embarking and disembarking passengers, even in wet weather.

Detailed information on each terminal is here.

  • Naka Pier Cruise Terminal
  • Kobe Port Terminal

Security and Safety

Naka Pier and Shinko Pier No.4 are complied by ISPS regulation and are guarded by fences, and also have security guards stationed at their gates. An X-ray machine and a metal detector are also installed at these terminals.

The Port of Kobe ,locating at the root of beautiful Rokko Mountains with view point full Park Way, can be called the Harbor of the attractive sceneries. Especially the view that we can see from the ship at her entering Kobe Port is outstanding of the best. Kobe city has become International City from Kobe Harbor ,so that is prepared to welcome the visitors.