On the First of January, 1868,(3rd of Keio era) 21 salute cannon from the foreign ships, British and others', at anchor in the harbor, roaring and echoing between the Mountains of Rokko, celebrated the opening of the Port of Kobe to the world.
Since this moment, attracting people from all over the world, exchanging goods, the Port of Kobe has become the portal of Japan open to the world, Those interchanges have built up the unique, open, bright and so-called Haikara culture of Kobe.
Through the Meiji, Taisho, Showa Era to Heisei, owing to the tremendous efforts of the people of past ages and to the affection to the Kobe by current people, enterprises, also overcoming disasters like war and earthquake, the Port of Kobe has been established prosperously.

Opening of Port of Kobe(Hyogo Port).
Left The first Brazilian immigrant ship "Kasatomaru".
50th anniversary of the opening of the port.
Started The Pacific War.
Kobe City Government became harbor administrator.
Kobe designated a specially important port.
Completed Kobe Port Tower.
Commenced reclamation of Port Island(completed 1981).
100th anniversary from the opening of the Port.
Celebrated sister-port relations with Seattle and Rotterdam Ports.
Entry of first container ship ,"Hawaiian Planter''.
Completed Port Termainal and Kobe Ohashi Bridge.
Established friendly tie-up with Tianjin Port(China).
Commenced construction of Meriken Park (completed 1987).
Harbor Highway fully opened to traffic.
Completed reconstruction after the earthquake.
130th anniversary from the opening of the port.
Kobe designated International Port and Harbor Economic Special Zone.
Opening of Kobe Airport.
Started The Kobe-Kanku Bay Shuttle.
140th anniversary of the opening of the port.
Opened Shanghai Office of Port of Kobe.
Harbors in Osaka Bay have been integrated into a single harbor (Hanshin Harbor) under the Port Regulations Law.
Opened Port Island Shiosai Park.

The Port of Kobe ,locating at the root of beautiful Rokko Mountains with view point full Park Way, can be called the Harbor of the attractive sceneries. Especially the view that we can see from the ship at her entering Kobe Port is outstanding of the best. Kobe city has become International City from Kobe Harbor ,so that is prepared to welcome the visitors.