Wide Variety of Attractive Shore Excursions

Tourist Attractions in Kobe

  • Sorakuen (Japanese Garden)
  • Port Tower&Kobe Maritime Museum(at Meriken Park)
  • Sake Brewery (Nada Districts)

Shopping and Dining in Kobe

Please don't miss Kobe's specialty products. The taste of Kobe Beef has captivated gourmets all over the world. Nada Sake Breweries produce 30% of the nation's Sake thanks primarily to its high quality rise rice, clean water and the fresh wind from Mt. Rokko. Kobe handles 80% of Japan's pearl processing and distribution and is the world's largest pearl distribution center.

left:Nada Sake(Sake)  center:Kobe Beef  right:Pearls
left:Nada Sake(Sake) center:Kobe Beef right:Pearls

Tourist Attractions and World Heritage Sites in West Japan


Kyoto is surrounded by rolling hills and contains many old shrines and temples. It has a back 1,200 years.

Traditional events such as the four major festivals (Aoi-matsuri Festival, Gion-matsuri Festival, Festival of Ages, and Five Mountains the Send-off Bonfire), traditional crafts and arts like Nishizin brocade and Yuzen and Kiyomizu pottery, and exquisite Kyoto cuisine can also be enjoyed.



Nara is even more ancient than Kyoto. The Nara area includes Nara Park, a huge park where groups of deer frolic with the tourists, Nishi-no-kyo with temples in the middle of a pastoral landscape, Ikaruga, famous for Horyuji Temple which was built in the Asuka period, ancient burial mounds (kofun) Asuka, an area rich with the romance of a bygone age, and many other spots of charm and beauty.



The famous Himeji Castle is recognised by the United Nations as a World Cultural Heritage Site and in Japan as a National Treasure. The city itself has many dignified historic sites unique to this castle town.

National Treasure Himeji Castle was the first in Japan to be registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site. The beautiful figure of the castle is often compared to a white heron flying with his wings spread wide, and the castle is known as well by another name, "White Heron Castle."

Himeji Castle

Seto Inland Sea Cruise

The Seto Inland Sea lies between the main islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Its many islands form a seascape of unique scenic beauty, making it one of the most popular cruise destinations in Japan. Many ships cruises in the Seto Inland Sea and their passengers can appreciate the beautiful scenery of it.

World Heritage Site

World Heritage Site
Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome)

Seto Inland Sea

Seto Inland Sea

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
(3,911 meters)

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

World Heritage Site
Itsukushima Shinto Shrine

The Port of Kobe ,locating at the root of beautiful Rokko Mountains with view point full Park Way, can be called the Harbor of the attractive sceneries. Especially the view that we can see from the ship at her entering Kobe Port is outstanding of the best. Kobe city has become International City from Kobe Harbor ,so that is prepared to welcome the visitors.