Kobe Port Terminal

Kobe Port Terminal

Kobe Port Terminal has a total of six berths on both sides of Shinko Pier No. 4, including those with a water depth of 12 meters. It can serve various types of passenger vessels, including 150,000 G/T class vessels. The Kobe Port Liner links the city center and terminal in only 5 minutes.

Length Berth Q1, Q2 and R(East side) 649m
Berth O1, O2 and P(West side) 589m
Water depth Q1, Q2 -12.0m O1 -11.0m
O2 -10.0m R -9.3m P -9.0m
Apron width 15m
Boarding bridge 3(mobile)
Tidal range 1m(average)

Functionality as a turn-around port

The port of Kobe has become established as one of the turn-around ports in Asia for many ships because it has a functional terminal, which can handle a large-scale turn-around for over 4,000 passengers.
In addition, it has a good access to Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Kobe Domestic airport.

Kobe Port Terminal

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The Port of Kobe ,locating at the root of beautiful Rokko Mountains with view point full Park Way, can be called the Harbor of the attractive sceneries. Especially the view that we can see from the ship at her entering Kobe Port is outstanding of the best. Kobe city has become International City from Kobe Harbor ,so that is prepared to welcome the visitors.